Author: lcionii

  • 2012 Civic finds itself in a different world

    Honda rolls out the new Civic and in all honesty though it looks good, it enters a rather different market, than the previous models. This ever-popular car has to face much stronger opposition than ever before. Here is what is actually happening at the moment. Let’s say 10 years ago there were surely other offers […]

  • Civic continues to go strong, in line with the current environmental trend

    Honda shows much wisdom in its approach to the problem of air-pollution, global warming and the diminishing resources of the fossil fuels. It continues to lead studies and experiment with hydrogen technologies, electricity-powered engines and its biofuel cars. The especial breakthrough in this field was the introduction, in September 2006 of Flex Fuel Vehicle (FFV), […]

  • Honda’s engine used to power a supercharged monster

    I see Civics every day. There are lots of them that people use to get from point A to point B; different generations and in different shapes – some are shining and proudly showing off their body-lines, others eaten by the rust from the ground up. But there is one thing that has always made […]

  • Honda rolls out 2012 model of bestselling Civic

    The auto critics were well aware that it was in Detroit that Honda rolled out the new 2012 Civic concept. Now as we enter the hot summer months, Honda’s ninth-generation Civic should had already arrived to the dealerships, following a somewhat delayed schedule, comparing to the timetable of the rest of the automakers. But Civic’s […]