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  • Honda Civic Parts To Improve Your MPG

    The fuel efficiency of the 2012 Honda Civic is at the top of its class. While detractors have said many things about the Civic, its mpg rating has never been an issue. Still, it can be improved with a few relatively inexpensive items. Here are three aftermarket parts that will help you stretch your fuel […]

  • Honda Civic Parts To Ponder

    The Honda Civic is one of the best known cars in North America. Styling may not set it apart from many cars, but its reputation for fuel efficiency, durability, and reliability have helped it stand out from most cars on the market today. It is also a favorite for tuners, backyard and professional alike. There […]

  • What To Look For In A Honda Civic Lowering Kit

    The Honda Civic has long been a a great project car for tuning. There are many places that you could start your project, but a lowering kit offers enhanced performance in handling and fuel efficiency. Unfortunately, not all Honda Civic lowering kits are created equally. Buying the wrong kit can have the disappointing effect of […]

  • Performance Chip for your Honda Civic Si – only $89? for real?

    Yup it seems to be for real! Oh no it doesn’t – Thank you Bill! (see his comment) as he rightly points out ‘if it is too good to be true, it is!’. I did a bunch of other searches for ‘Surge Engineering’ and come up with report after report after report of ‘scam’, ‘doesn’t […]