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  • 2008 Honda Civic FD TV Commercial

    This is one of the ‘Honda – the power of dreams’ tv commercials for the Honda Civic FD. Too be quite honest, it is a fairly non-descript commercial, a bit forumla and a bit boring. Mind you Honda North America has never been famous for outstanding commercials – unless some of you out there can […]

  • Honda Civic SI Commercial – TRON!

    How cool is this Honda Civic Si commercial! A very nice departure from the standard fare car commercial – it is a Tron-like (as in the movie Tron) landscape and a civic racing along the grid avoiding obstacles and racing another auto. It wins and yes, it is a Civic Si! This Civic commerical is […]

  • 8th Gen. Honda Civic commercial

    This is a pretty cool Honda Civic commercial – I think it is from 2006. Hmmm, I think I want to go to the ‘dotcom’ address, I wonder why? You see a commercial like this and you just want to buy the car, it doesn’t even need any honda civic body parts, it just looks […]