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  • Mobile Apps For Finding The Right Price For A Honda Civic

    In today’s reality of smartphones and on-the-go living, thousands of people are using a mobile app every minute of every day. When you are car shopping, it is essential to know the correct value of the car that you are considering before signing any deal. The logical combination of the two is a mobile app […]

  • 2008 Honda Civic FD TV Commercial

    This is one of the ‘Honda – the power of dreams’ tv commercials for the Honda Civic FD. Too be quite honest, it is a fairly non-descript commercial, a bit forumla and a bit boring. Mind you Honda North America has never been famous for outstanding commercials – unless some of you out there can […]

  • Honda Civic Mugen RR – Awesome Video

    This is an incredible Car! Mugen will produce only 300 of these vehicles, and if you are one of the lucky ones to order one (and pay the almost $40,000USD price tag, you can have it in any colour you want… long as it is Milan Red! For the ultimate in high-performance honda civic tuning […]

  • 8th Gen. Honda Civic commercial

    This is a pretty cool Honda Civic commercial – I think it is from 2006. Hmmm, I think I want to go to the ‘dotcom’ address, I wonder why? You see a commercial like this and you just want to buy the car, it doesn’t even need any honda civic body parts, it just looks […]

  • German Honda Civic Commercial – ‘tainted love’

    Very cool German Honda Civic Commercial! – Music rocks too – a very hardcore rendition of Softcell – tainted love. This one is from early 2007.