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  • The 2010 Civic Hybrid Stays True to Itself

    As the New Year unravels before us we are lucky to find that some of the things remain true and worthy of our trust. So does the 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid – it delivers what it promises – taking you any place with superb fuel efficiency. As you probably know, the four-door Hybrid takes advantage […]

  • Best Used Civic Models

    Since it first drove onto the market in 1973, the Honda Civic has been hailed by critics and drivers alike for their reliability, longevity, and fuel efficiency. In fact, Civics are so indestructible, that the model my parents drove me home from the hospital in as a newborn was the first car I drove 16 […]

  • 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid Sedan

    While sales of the Honda Civic Hybrid Sedan hasn’t taken off like the Toyota Prius, oddly enough the 2009 Civic Hybrid provides similar gas mileage for a lower price! In general, reviews are saying that in comparison to the Prius, the Civic Hybrid (with it’s 90-hp, 1.3 litre engine and 20-hp electric engine) isn’t as […]