2009 Honda Civic Hybrid Sedan

Hybrid trio
Image by geognerd via Flickr

While sales of the Honda Civic Hybrid Sedan hasn’t taken off like the Toyota Prius, oddly enough the 2009 Civic Hybrid provides similar gas mileage for a lower price!

In general, reviews are saying that in comparison to the Prius, the Civic Hybrid (with it’s 90-hp, 1.3 litre engine and 20-hp electric engine) isn’t as ‘slick’ but it is good enough to drive – that isn’t meant to ‘damn with faint praise’, rather, put things into context; there is nothing wrong, it just isn’t ‘standout’ good.

Some highlights: Incredible interior room, good steering, breaks and handling

New in 2009: front bumper and grille styling, head and tailight assemblies, USB interface, Bluetooth, GPS, stability control.

A nice gallery of pictures is below

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  1. I like the idea of hybrid cars, but as my personal opinion I think we should try and find a way to continue the combustible engine without draining resources. Scientists are on to some things.

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