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  • The 2010 Civic Hybrid Stays True to Itself

    As the New Year unravels before us we are lucky to find that some of the things remain true and worthy of our trust. So does the 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid – it delivers what it promises – taking you any place with superb fuel efficiency. As you probably know, the four-door Hybrid takes advantage […]

  • The All New Type R Euro

    The last days of the passing year 2009 have been marked by the announcement of the Honda Motor Co., Ltd of the beginning of sales of a limited series of the Civic Type R Euro to Japan where it will have to compete against the Japanese Type R. The Euro version is a premium sports […]

  • Civic Type R – Performance for the budget-minded schumachers!

    Ferraris, Maseratis, and Porsches make you your pulse rate go up and the hart start racing, but the money in the near or even mid-term future is barely enough for a decent family sedan… Why go for a typical yawnmobile when for your dollar you can have a ride to take you anywhere at the […]

  • The world’s leader in affordable small cars fills the bill with 2010 Honda Civic

    It isn’t hard to believe that the 2010 Civic continues to rank #1 in the Affordable Small Cars Category. Honda continues to present a winning combination, which truly makes Civic a leader in its class, both for style and reliability. Its fuel efficiency pleases the frugal minded folk, but equally makes sense to all the […]

  • 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid Sedan

    While sales of the Honda Civic Hybrid Sedan hasn’t taken off like the Toyota Prius, oddly enough the 2009 Civic Hybrid provides similar gas mileage for a lower price! In general, reviews are saying that in comparison to the Prius, the Civic Hybrid (with it’s 90-hp, 1.3 litre engine and 20-hp electric engine) isn’t as […]

  • 2009 Honda Civic Si Coupe – Images

    Honda has rolled out their new line of Civics for 2009 and include a nice upgrade to the Civic Coupe along with the Civic Sedan and Civic Hybrid (will post some news and shots of those later). According to the honda website, styling changes include: new 17-inch alloys, bolder grille, clear turn-signal lenses, rear wing […]

  • Engine Bay Shots to Drool Over!

    Here are some pictures uploaded to our Facebook group that are sure to get your jaw dropping. Check out these engine bay pictures:

  • Topless CRX?!?!

    Check out this CRX that is not afraid to go topless! This is Mike Robinson’s CRX. He was kind enough to upload his photo’s to our Facebook group, Civic Drivers. Check it out!