Category: DIY Projects

  • Practical Honda Civic Parts For The Coming Months

    The inexorable march of the seasons is upon us. Winter is breathing down the necks of people everywhere. That means white powder everywhere. It also means slush, road salt, and general wet nastiness in your Honda Civic. All of it can destroy an interior over time unless you add a few practical accessories to protect […]

  • Honda Civic Parts To Ponder

    The Honda Civic is one of the best known cars in North America. Styling may not set it apart from many cars, but its reputation for fuel efficiency, durability, and reliability have helped it stand out from most cars on the market today. It is also a favorite for tuners, backyard and professional alike. There […]

  • G-Force meter for Honda Civic

    G-Force! Ever wanted to know just how much your Performance Honda Civic can handle in the corners? or at breaking or accelerating? Then theĀ  video below is for you! How to create, no make, a GForce meter for your Civic. (for any car really, but hey, this is about Honda Civic’s!) Look out local police […]

  • Halo Headlight Auxiliary Switch

    This DIY article explains how you can hook up a switch to turn on your Halo headlights without turning your main headlights on. This article is detailed with a parts list and pictures. Link: Halo Headlight Auxiliary Switch

  • Installing a Camber Kit

    If you have a lowered Honda (or any car for that matter) more than two inches you might want to look into a camber kit. Left unchecked, camber wear will wear down your tires faster than normal. If you want more information about the effects and causes of camber wear, please visit one of our […]

  • Paint Brake Calipers/Drums

    Painted brake calipers/drums offer a stunning detail to your ride. You can match them with other accent peices on your car to create a balanced look. What better way to compliment those new rims than to paint your brake calipers? Here are instuctions to paint your own calipers and drums! First we will list some […]

  • Camshaft Swap Tutorial

    Learn how to properly and safetly remove and replace your camshaft(s) with this tutorial from The guide was made for EG (92-95) Civics, but can still be used for other models with slight changes. This guide, which includes pictures, tells you step by step how to perform a cam swap. You can always trust […]

  • Building a Custom Turbo Kit

    This is a very informative link about custom turbo kits. Sure, you can go out and buy a complete bolt on turbocharger kit for your Honda, but they are very expensive and not all the parts suit everyone. This guide makes it easy to pick your own parts to build your very own custom turbo […]

  • Paint Your Valve Cover

    Nothing creates a dramatic visual effect in your engine bay quite like a nicely painted valve cover. This tutorial will teach you the steps of painting your very own valve cover. We have included a material list and step by step instructions that you will need to make your valve cover look professionally painted. Here […]