Paint Brake Calipers/Drums

Paint Your Brake Calipers Painted brake calipers/drums offer a stunning detail to your ride. You can match them with other accent peices on your car to create a balanced look. What better way to compliment those new rims than to paint your brake calipers? Here are instuctions to paint your own calipers and drums!

First we will list some of the materials you will need to perform this project. Here is a list of materials you may want to have:

– Jack, Jackstands

– Wire Brush

– Caliper Paint Kit (Duplicolor makes a kit, check and autoparts store)

The first thing you want to do is jack up your car and secure it with jackstands. Don’t waste your time painting and then have your car fall to the ground! Next, you need to remove any old paint, dust, or oil from the calipers/drums. Use your wire brush and brake cleaner to do this job. After your calipers/drums are clean, its time to start painting.

Follow the instructions on the caliper paint kit. Apply the recommended amount of coats and allow for plenty of drying time between coats. You can use masking tape to cover parts that you do not want painted. And remember, you dont have to paint parts you wont be able to see, so dont waste paint.


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