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  • Why A Used Honda Civic Can Cost More Now Than It Did New

    If you have been shopping for a late model used Honda Civic, you have probably been wondering why the prices seem a bit higher than you might expect. Several factors, dating back to 2008, have compiled to keep the resale value of several Honda offerings, especially the Civic, at record levels. Some are still able […]

  • A Look At The Expected Honda Plugin Hybrid

    Mid-2011 Honda CEO Takanobu Ito gave a glance into the company’s strategy moving into the future. An all new Honda Civic hybrid was mentioned as well as a plug-in hybrid concept that would hopefully make it into production for the 2012 model year. Here is a quick glance at the most recent information about both. […]

  • Practical Honda Civic Parts For The Coming Months

    The inexorable march of the seasons is upon us. Winter is breathing down the necks of people everywhere. That means white powder everywhere. It also means slush, road salt, and general wet nastiness in your Honda Civic. All of it can destroy an interior over time unless you add a few practical accessories to protect […]

  • 2012 Civic finds itself in a different world

    Honda rolls out the new Civic and in all honesty though it looks good, it enters a rather different market, than the previous models. This ever-popular car has to face much stronger opposition than ever before. Here is what is actually happening at the moment. Let’s say 10 years ago there were surely other offers […]

  • Civic continues to go strong, in line with the current environmental trend

    Honda shows much wisdom in its approach to the problem of air-pollution, global warming and the diminishing resources of the fossil fuels. It continues to lead studies and experiment with hydrogen technologies, electricity-powered engines and its biofuel cars. The especial breakthrough in this field was the introduction, in September 2006 of Flex Fuel Vehicle (FFV), […]

  • Honda’s engine used to power a supercharged monster

    I see Civics every day. There are lots of them that people use to get from point A to point B; different generations and in different shapes – some are shining and proudly showing off their body-lines, others eaten by the rust from the ground up. But there is one thing that has always made […]

  • Honda Civic SI Commercial – TRON!

    How cool is this Honda Civic Si commercial! A very nice departure from the standard fare car commercial – it is a Tron-like (as in the movie Tron) landscape and a civic racing along the grid avoiding obstacles and racing another auto. It wins and yes, it is a Civic Si! This Civic commerical is […]

  • G-Force meter for Honda Civic

    G-Force! Ever wanted to know just how much your Performance Honda Civic can handle in the corners? or at breaking or accelerating? Then the  video below is for you! How to create, no make, a GForce meter for your Civic. (for any car really, but hey, this is about Honda Civic’s!) Look out local police […]

  • Turbo Project Update: Turbo Came In!

    This is an update to the turbo project I posted about last month. I made a parts list and said I was going to change things around once I got to buying parts, and thats exactly what happened. Instead of buying a T25 turbo, I got my hands on a T28 turbo. A T28 is […]

  • Turbo Project Update: Parts List

    Well after days of research and eBay shopping I have come up with a rough parts list for my turbo project we talked about in the previous post. Please note that this list WILL change as the project goes on. Right now the cost of the kit is under $1200 but I havent added a […]