Turbo Project Update: Parts List

Well after days of research and eBay shopping I have come up with a rough parts list for my turbo project we talked about in the previous post. Please note that this list WILL change as the project goes on. Right now the cost of the kit is under $1200 but I havent added a new fuel pump or any misc. parts so it’s going to be hard to stay under $1500. This kit is not all about top notch performance. Its about getting to around 180 WHP for under $1500. So parts like the intercooler, gauges, and blow off valve are cheap eBay parts. Those kinds of parts dont need to be top of the line to be reliable. Parts like the turbo, however, will not be cheap. Anyway, here is the rough price list for all my parts:

1.) Turbo – Garrett T-25 unit out of the 88’/89′ 300ZX. $274.11

2.) Manifold – Stainless steel, T3 flanged unit. $91.99

3.) Adapter – GT-25 to T3 turbo adapter. $55.79

4.) Blow-Off Valve – Red Type RS blow-off valve. $44.00

5.) Intercooler/Piping – Intercooler, pipes, clamps, etc. $209.00

6.) Oil Line Kit – Oil feed and oil drain lines. $85.00

7.) Injectors – DSM 450cc injectors. Prices vary. $80.00

8.) Fuel Filter/Pressure Gauge – Filter and gauge. $40.98

9.) Downpipe – Stainless steel with flexpipe. $89.99

10.) O2 Bung/Plug – O2 bung and plug. $5.25

11.) Vacuum Manifold/Hoses – Manifold and hoses. $80.00

12.) Gauges & Pod – Boost, Air, Fuel pressure gauges in pod. $134.98

Well that’s it for now. I will let you know when I recieve any items on the list, or make any changes to it. Please check back for my next post. Thanks!


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