Custom Turbo Kit Project is about to jump into a very fun turbo project. This is the first of many posts. In this post I will explain the basics of the project in terms of the car, the turbo parts, and other information. I will update you everytime something new happens with the project. For example, if I buy a new part, I will post telling you all about it and how it will contribute to the kit. I think you will really enjoy an in depth look into a turbo project. Read on!

Honda Civic

The donor car is a 1995 Honda Civic DX coupe. The original D15 was swapped for a Del Sol SI D16Z6 motor. The goal of this project is to obtain at least 170 WHP with a custom turbo kit that costs under $1500. The project should be completed within 4 months of this post depending on budget and time restraints. Upon finishing the project I will post a complete car profile with tons of pictures and information.

D16Z6 Honda Engine

So far the car has only basic and minimal modifications which include a short shifter, Skunk2 Mega Power cat-back exhaust, and coilovers. The car also has Del Sol wheels which are lightweight. Hopefully, with the addition of a turbocharger, this car will be very fast.  This concludes the first post of the series. Please check back for more!


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