H2B/F2B Swap Information

You have probably heard the term H2B or F2B lately, but had no idea what it meant. If you felt stupid, you’re not alone! Many people have no idea what H2B/F2B means. This article is going to change that. I have put together some nice information about H2B/F2B swaps. Read up and you will understand what goes into the swap, how its done, and where to get started. Enjoy!

H2B/F2B Basics:

H2B (also called F2B; they are the same thing since F and H-Series transmissions have the same bolt pattern) is simply mating a B-Series transmission to an H or F-Series engine. H2B swaps use mostly B-Series parts including axles, shift linkage, mounts, and the clutch/pressure plate.

You may be wondering how on earth you can use B-Series mounts with an H or F-Series engine. Well since our Civics and Integra’s only have one mount connecting to the engine, we can use the B-Series mounts on the other two since they are on a B-Series transmission. A kit for H2B swaps includes a custom timing belt mount on the engine that will mount right up to a B-Series chassis mount. So now you can use all three B-Series mounts.

H2B Up’s and Down’s:

There is one main advantage of H2B, displacement. The popular H/F engines used are usually 2.2 liter. Big bore equals big power! H and F-Series longblocks are usually inexpensive which makes an H2B swap more cost effective than building a B-Series or buying a K-Series. K-Series swaps are new so they are very expensive. An H2B kit may seem expensive at first, but after its all said and done you will spend a lot less on an H2B swap than a K or B-Series motor that matches the power output of the H2B.

There are also disadvantages of H2B swaps. First, hood clearence is an issue with some swaps. The engine will sit higher in the chassis than a normal H or F-Series swap. Also, stock or aftermarket H/F-Series headers cannot be used since the engine is tilted more vertically when using an H2B kit. You will need to fabricate your own header or buy a custom H2B header. Links to those headers are below. Another issue is oil drain. Some kits tilt the engine too far. Some kits require oil drain plug relocation.

Helpful H2B Links:
H2B EVO Kit – A link to the EVO H2B Kit website.
H2B QSD Kit – A link to the QSD H2B Kit website.
Alternator Bracket – A link to a prefabricated alternator bracket for your H2B swap.
H2B Header – A link to the custom H2B header for your swap.
Another H2B Header – Another custom H2B header.
Another Header – Again, here is another header option for H2B swaps.


11 responses to “H2B/F2B Swap Information”

  1. Mine was about 3000 installed and tuned and I got a h2b swap on my del sol and it sames almost any other local honda here soo it a good invesment….

  2. Del Sol, I would like to know the details of your swap since I am planning on doing the H2B or F2B swap on my 97 Del Sol and making it quite a bit more impressive than the stock “S” 106HP engine. What obstacles did you have to overcome and details.

    Silver Sol

  3. I have a 95 civic 4Dr lx and I got a 98 h23a and a 98 integra Ls transmission I don’t know what to set my idle at and I need to find some axles I appreciate any help

  4. I have a question, so i have a 98 DC2 gsr frank swap( H22a4 head on a F23a1 block and a ls trans, is there anything i can do to stop the oil leak from the corner between the Head and Block right by the alternator? Currently using a H22a4 head gasket but its leaking, not sure if using a F23a1 head gasket would work…

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