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  • The next generation of Honda civic will be even more futuristic

    As the time passes the faithful adepts of the Civic model are watching closely the news anticipating the new generation of the best-seller. In what ways will it change, in what ways will it be better? Will it continue to be a highly reliable and fuel efficient car equipped with a rather hot tempered power-train? […]

  • Honda Civic On the Road – performance review

    Quite a few folks are interested to see how the new Civic performs on the road. Honda fans have always been fond of the hot-tempered power trains employing racing technologies that Honda was famous for. Well let’s look at all the new upgrades. The main distinction is that now Civic has a 5-step automatic transmission […]

  • Civic Type R: Hottest Hatch in UK

    Honda announced today that the Honda Civic Type R is the hottest hatch in UK. The new version of the Honda Civic Type R was launched in March last year and February this year it has been sold in 5,192 units. This makes it Britain’s most popular hot hatch. In comparison, the Focus ST (all […]

  • Honda Civic GX Natural Gas Car Earns Top Spot…

    Recognizing Honda’s application of fuel efficient and alternative fuel technologies, four Honda vehicles earned recognition from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) as the “greenest vehicles of 2008″ with the Civic GX natural gas car taking the title of the greenest vehicle for the fifth consecutive year, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., announced […]

  • Where To Buy Your Motor Swap

    A very popular solution for increasing performace is swapping motor’s to a more powerful one. But where do you get those swaps? This article will give you some good information about where to find your motor swap so that when you recieve your motor you will be happy! 1.) Pull From Original Car – One […]

  • H2B/F2B Swap Information

    You have probably heard the term H2B or F2B lately, but had no idea what it meant. If you felt stupid, you’re not alone! Many people have no idea what H2B/F2B means. This article is going to change that. I have put together some nice information about H2B/F2B swaps. Read up and you will understand […]

  • The Guide to VTEC

    If you know anything about cars you have probably heard of VTEC. But do you actually know what it is, what it does, or what it stands for? This article is designed to teach you the in’s and out’s of VTEC. After you are done reading you will finally understand why people love thier VTEC […]

  • LS/VTEC Build Information

    For those of you who don’t already know, LS/VTEC motors are a combination of a non-VTEC B-series block (B18A1, B18B1, B20B, B20Z) and a DOHC VTEC B-series head (B16 and GSR). LS/VTEC motors are a great way to obtain 160+ wheel HP for cheaper than buying a B16 or GSR motor that produce around the […]

  • Motor Swap Dont’s

    We all know that Honda’s are like Lego’s. Many parts are interchangible and a combination can be formed to create a very fast car from stock OEM parts. One popular solution to more HP is a motor swap. There are many swaps available for Honda chassis, but some are NOT recommended. Here is a list […]

  • Winter Car Tips

    It’s the time of year when the leaves are falling, a fat man slides down your chimney, and its freakin’ cold outside! You need to protect your Honda from the harsh conditions if you want it to last in the blistering cold. Here are just a few basic tips to ensure you and your car’s […]