LS/VTEC Build Information

For those of you who don’t already know, LS/VTEC motors are a combination of a non-VTEC B-series block (B18A1, B18B1, B20B, B20Z) and a DOHC VTEC B-series head (B16 and GSR). LS/VTEC motors are a great way to obtain 160+ wheel HP for cheaper than buying a B16 or GSR motor that produce around the same amount of power, and a lot less torque. The LS/VTEC motor is a torque monster, especially when using a B20 block. LS/VTEC motors have a reputation of being unreliable and unsafe. Thats not true if you build your engine correctly and have the engine tuned properly. Are you interested in building the LS/VTEC motor? Here are a few links to get you started:

1.) LS/VTEC Info – Instructions from for building/assembling an LS/VTEC engine.
2.) LS/VTEC, CR/VTEC Info – Another from, but more B20/VTEC info.
3.) LS and B20 VTEC Basics – This is a great guide for newbie’s explaining LS/VTEC motors from


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