Where To Buy Your Motor Swap

A very popular solution for increasing performace is swapping motor’s to a more powerful one. But where do you get those swaps? This article will give you some good information about where to find your motor swap so that when you recieve your motor you will be happy!

1.) Pull From Original Car – One way to get your motor swap is from the original car that it was in. The hard part about this method is finding the right car with the motor you want. You can search junkyard’s for hours and not find anything worth buying. Another downside is that you might not know what the motor went through since the car is used and has had other owners. The advantage of pulling the motor from the original car is that you can see exactly how many miles are on it. Most motor websites say their motors have under 40,000 miles on them, but they dont provide proof and you will never know.

2.) Buy Locally/Non-Commercial Seller – Another way to get your motor swap is to look locally or buy from a non-commercial seller. You can search through classified ad’s, internet forum’s, and swap meets. EBay.com is a great way to buy motors and parts from non-commercial sellers. If you dont live in an area with many Honda parts, try searching online forums for non-commercial sellers who bought/pulled their motor and wants to sell it. Usually this is the cheapest place to get your swap from. The advantages of buying from a non-commercial seller is that prices are going to be low, you get to communicate person to person with the seller, and you can check out what your buying before you get it (sometimes).

3.) Motor Website’s – Many websites have started up that sell used JDM/USDM motor swaps. One of the most popular website is HMotorsOnline.com. Other popular sites include JayDM.com, JSAMotors.com, and PasswordJDM.com. Most sites say their motors are under a certain mileage, but no-one can be sure. I have heard many people say they get junk motors from these sites even though they pay top prices.

I hope this basic guide helps you decide where you are going to get your motor from. Dont rely on this guide to help you make your decision. Shop around to find the best deal for quality swaps.


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