Honda Civic Lip Kits

Civic Lip Lets face the facts. Lip kits are the future and big bumpers and side skirts are a thing of the past. Lip’s are basically bumper extensions. Some cars come with a lip from the factory. Lips enhance styling while keeping a clean, professional look because they are mounted to your stock bumpers. Most of the time installation is quick and easy.

Now that you want a lip kit for your Honda, where do you get one? Well thats easy. You can visit a nice car part website like, or you can check out the great deals on Most lip’s come with all parts and hardware needed to install it, whichs leads us to our next question. How do I install a lip? Check out this guide to install lip kits.


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  1. Its true, they are also becoming disposables because you can just get a new one when they get all scratched/torn up vs having to get a whole new front bumper with a traditional kit.

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