More than 1 Million Civics made in the UK

Thought they were all made in Japan or Asia? Well guess again, the honda factory in Swindon in the UK has manufactured more than 1 million Honda Civic’s since it opened on September 19, 1994. In it’s first year, the Swindon factory turned out just 6,652 Civics and by last year (2007) the factory was turning out more than 135,000 per year! (that is quite the growth curve!).

1 millionth honda civic made in UK, Swindon factory

The ‘one millionth’ Honda Civic to come of the line is a Red Type-R  and according to Ken Keir, Managing Director of Honda (UK) and Senior Vice President of Honda Motor Europe, “Civic remains the cornerstone of our UK and European success. Customers love its innovative design and build quality, which not only retains a huge loyal customer base, but is key to us winning new sales across Europe.” 


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