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  • The All New Type R Euro

    The last days of the passing year 2009 have been marked by the announcement of the Honda Motor Co., Ltd of the beginning of sales of a limited series of the Civic Type R Euro to Japan where it will have to compete against the Japanese Type R. The Euro version is a premium sports […]

  • UK Civic – Flaw in Handbrake

    2006 Honda Civic Image via Wikipedia According to the BBC a flaw in the handbrake mechanism of the 2006-2007 Civic manufactured in Swindon, UK has caused the company to send notifications to all 63,000 owners to alert them of the problem. This is the second warning sent out from Honda regarding the faulty Handbrake problem […]

  • More than 1 Million Civics made in the UK

    Thought they were all made in Japan or Asia? Well guess again, the honda factory in Swindon in the UK has manufactured more than 1 million Honda Civic’s since it opened on September 19, 1994. In it’s first year, the Swindon factory turned out just 6,652 Civics and by last year (2007) the factory was turning out more […]