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2006 Honda Civic

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According to the BBC a flaw in the handbrake mechanism of the 2006-2007 Civic manufactured in Swindon, UK has caused the company to send notifications to all 63,000 owners to alert them of the problem. This is the second warning sent out from Honda regarding the faulty Handbrake problem on the Civic with the initial warning going out in the fourth quarter of 2007.

In a nutshell, the problem lies inside the handbrake assembly and a key ‘spring’ was mounted backwards. The problem manifests itself such that if the handbrake is applied while holding down the release button (no ratcheting) it has a high propensity to NOT engage properly. 29 complaints from owners prompted the notifications.

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Despite the fact that Honda is offering all affected owners a replacement handbrake at no charge, they are still not calling this a recall. According to the company, it isn’t a recall because the problem will not occur  if the handbrake is operated within the guidelines described in the users manual.

A Honda spokesman had this to say “As it stands, there is only a tiny chance of the handbrake failing if it is incorrectly applied. However, to give owners 100% peace of mind, we will be sending out letters recommending that they visit their local Honda dealer to get an improved handbrake fitted.”

Official Bulletin from Honda to dealers about the issue:


In November 2007 bulletin HUK00000001050 was issued highlighting a potential concern with the handbrake fitted to 06/07YM Civic 3/5 door. We are now in a position to launch an official PUD to replace the handbrake lever on all affected Civics within the VIN range. A phased customer mailing will start the week commencing 7 April. An initial stock of handbrake levers will be automatically supplied to all sales dealers. Please note that there is still not 100% parts availability so when the initial stock has been used please only order new parts in quantities actually required. The first mailings will prioritise those Civics affected by both the drivers door latch and handbrake PUD’s. A copy of both customer letters are attached to this bulletin.

Not all Civic VINs will require this PUD, those Civics which have had the latest level handbrake lever already fitted (08YM part) will have been removed from the PUD database. Therefore please use Campaign for a VIN/PIN to verify that the vehicle is outstanding for this PUD.


If the handbrake is applied with the release button intentionally or unintentionally pressed there is a small risk that the handbrake may not latch sufficiently to hold the vehicle securely on a gradient. If the handbrake is applied without touching the release button, the handbrake latching mechanism is unaffected.


Due to ratchet and pawl dimensions, the handbrake latching mechanism may partially engage depending upon customers’ operating method.


The handbrake latching mechanism has been modified to eliminate any risk of partial engagement.

Application to Production Line

Countermeasure has been applied from the start of 2008YM production.

Market Treatment

Honda (UK) will write to the registered owners of all affected vehicles requesting them to take their vehicle to their local Honda dealer to have a new handbrake lever fitted.

Here is a copy of the actual notice sent to owners:



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